Chiang Mai Dogs

Dog in Chiang Mai, Thailand, photo by Jim Newberry.

Dog in Chiang Mai, Thailand, photo by Jim Newberry.

I ran across so many charming dogs and cats in Chiang Mai. Saw these two a day apart, last week.

Sugar and Gaow at a Chiang Mai Fish Spa

Chiang Mai fish spa. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Here’s Sugar (at left, yawning) with Nattapol “Gaow” Nukulkham at a fish spa near Tha Phae Gate. Gaow is a Chiang Mai University photography student who has assisted me on several shoots. You can see a couple of his fine photographs here.

[br] A fish spa is a place where a person exchanges hard-earned money for the opportunity to allow Garra rufa fish to dine on the flesh of their lower legs and feet. Might be a good way for pescetarians and carnivores to rebalance their karma. [br] [br] [br]

Child’s-eye view, Chiang Mai street market

Street photo in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Jim Newberry.

Sometimes it’s good to alter your vantage point; seems like whenever I crouch down to get low angle shots, something interesting happens. At the Warorot street market as usual, March 4th, 2014.

Chiang Mai Scooter Life

Two girls on a scooter in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Scooters seem to be the preferred mode of transportation in Chiang Mai, and it’s amazing how many people/how much stuff can fit on one puny motorbike. I shot this yesterday, about a mile north of the old city.

Untitled (Warorot Market, Chiang Mai)

Photo by Jim Newberry.

I spent a few minutes in the crowded Warorot Market area yesterday, photographing these disembodied bottoms–trying different angles, crouching down to hide the distracting light bulb in the background–and tried to imagine how I looked to passersby. Probably not creepy at all, right?