Mucca Pazza portraits

I recently completed a personal project; a series of 30 individual portraits of the raucous, enchanting, Chicago “circus punk marching band,” Mucca Pazza. I shot the portraits in my studio on 4×5 Tri-X, using an old Deardorff 8×10 view camera with a reducing back:

Here’s one of the portraits:

And here’s the finished piece; a 20×30″ print with all portraits:

Mucca Pazza; photograph by Jim Newberry

(Photos by Jim Newberry)

Snapshots of Venice, California

I have some touristy photographs from a trip I took last month to Los Angeles. For my fellow Chicagoans, enjoy the weather porn!

360 degree view of the Venice Beach boardwalk. Hey, in the light gray sweatshirt–is that Chicago-expat-current-Venice-resident Hayley Murphy? Hard to tell from this far away…

By rope, this badass drags his baby grand piano to the boardwalk every day.

I hadn’t been to the Venice Canals before; a very lovely site for a nocturnal stroll. For you “hate America first” folks, just try finding something like this in a foreign country. Why don’t you try the “Old Europe?” I didn’t think so. (Photos by Jim Newberry)

Marcus East

I shot publicity photos for charismatic R&B artist Marcus East last week. There was some confusion with him finding my studio–who knew there were two “Western” stops on the CTA Blue Line? If you’re dropping by my studio, (and please do–just call first) and you’re taking the el, make sure to get off at the Western stop that’s between Damen and California. Unless you’re looking forward to a long, long walk.

One Blue Line, two Western stops

Here’s one of the shots from the session.

Marcus East, photographed by Jim Newberry

Sly Stone: digging deep in the archives

Sly Stone

Way back in 1982, fresh out of high school, I brought my Nikkormat to suburban Chicago bar Haymakers to see the brilliant soul/funk/psychedelic hitmaker, Sly Stone. Notorious for not showing up to gigs, fortunately he made it to the show that night, and I shot a couple rolls of Kodacolor, beginning my music photography career. He’ll be back in Chicago next month.

Here’s my most recent live music shot; Monotonix at the Empty Bottle, 3/28/08. Haggai Fershtman pictured.