Diane Izzo rests in peace

The luminous, witty, and prodigiously talented Diane Izzo died a couple days ago, of complications resulting from brain cancer. I’d been a fan of her music for years, and was lucky to forge a friendship with her, occasionally play in her backup band, and recently to collaborate on a film that she and her husband Marco were producing.

I’m grateful that in the last few years I was able to make several trips to Taos to visit Diane and Marco–ostensibly to work on the film, which was really fun–but even better was spending time talking and laughing with those two, enjoying the profoundly beautiful New Mexico sky and mountains, and meeting their many remarkable friends.

Diane was a great inspiration to me. The planet won’t be the same without her.

Update: Jim and Greg weigh in.

Diane Izzo with guitar, performing at the Hideout in Chicago


  1. diane was lucky to have you as a friend and loved one because you’re so wonderful at understanding and sharing her glory with us. thanks, jim.

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