Snapshots of Venice, California

I have some touristy photographs from a trip I took last month to Los Angeles. For my fellow Chicagoans, enjoy the weather porn!

360 degree view of the Venice Beach boardwalk. Hey, in the light gray sweatshirt–is that Chicago-expat-current-Venice-resident Hayley Murphy? Hard to tell from this far away…

By rope, this badass drags his baby grand piano to the boardwalk every day.

I hadn’t been to the Venice Canals before; a very lovely site for a nocturnal stroll. For you “hate America first” folks, just try finding something like this in a foreign country. Why don’t you try the “Old Europe?” I didn’t think so. (Photos by Jim Newberry)

3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Venice, California

  1. Dear Jim,

    Before you slam the canals of the Old World in print, you may want to realize that some of us have been to Venice Italy. The canals and the city are a wonder. It goes beyond adjectives such as romantic. Here, we are talking an experience that draws upon the water, medieval history, and your inner self, not just a pretty waterway.

    Know that Venice Italy is such a wonder that they draw over 6 million tourists per year, all without the benefit of California weather.

    I am sure that the Venice CA canals are a sight but I doubt that most of the folks who have been to the canals in Venice CA and Venice IT would tell you that the CA canals were better.

    Mike Lasche

    Mike Lasche

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