2 thoughts on “Alex Chilton video shot by Eggelston

  1. Wow! You really can find everything on YouTube. My friend actually edited the latest version of Stranded in Canton (which can be viewed at the new Eggelston exhibit at the Art Institute… as well as YouTube). However, he wasn’t able to use the Chilton footage because Alex was self-conscious of his acne. Shame, it’s great stuff. We miss you LX.

  2. yeah, this is lovely stuff – poor AC he was adorable regardless of his complexion. I actually watched ‘Stranded In Canton’ for the first time last week and I’ve gotta say I found a lot of it hard going and I’ve watched a lot of experimental, art project-y films but the subjects (especially the bearded guy) were unbelievably annoying and my husband who tolerates artists like Jandek (bleurghh) found it so annoying he made me turn it off….Guess I’m getting lame and crotchety now that I’m pushing 40…boo!

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