Artist Ed Moses For KPCC


West Coast artist Ed Moses at his studio in Venice, Los Angeles. Photo by Jim Newberry.


What a pleasure to meet and photograph legendary West Coast artist Ed Moses at his Venice studio; I dropped by a few weeks ago with John Horn, who interviewed Moses for his KPCC-produced public radio show, The Frame. You can listen to the interview—as well as see a bunch more of the photos I shot—at the KPCC site. LACMA is currently exhibiting a retrospective of Moses’s work, up until August 2nd, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Artist Ed Moses For KPCC

  1. Incredible how you keep doing this sort of thing (lower picture)!
    The wooden lattice in the upper right corner — the lattice in his shirt — and the enlarged detail — almost a revelation of the concept of a lattice — in the vapor trails!
    The illumination of his face under the hat brim is perfectly amazing! Did you have a reflector hidden somewhere?
    Nice pyramidical composition, too: the line through the brush, up his arm, to his face at the left and the handle of the thing in the pot pointing to his face at the right!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t use a reflector for that bottom photo; his white canvas was doing that for me, luckily. We didn’t know he was going to start painting, he did that spontaneously.

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