Architectural Lighting: color grid

For the April/May 2008 issue of Architectural Lighting magazine, I had fun shooting at the Chicago offices of Schuler Shook, designers of really cool performance and architectural lighting. In the lighting lab at Schuler Shook, I shot a color changing light fixture they were testing. The lab shots didn’t make it into the article (they used other shots I took), so I thought I’d arrange them into a grid and post it here:

Color changing light fixture at Schuler Shook, Chicago

Aiding and abetting a marriage proposal

What role did my storefront windows have in the engagement of Elizabeth Peirce and Lance Marshall? Funny you’d ask that. Lance and Elizabeth live in my neighborhood, where they often take walks–their route going right past my studio storefront, where they’ve been known to stop and look at the photographs I have displayed there. So Lance asked me to photograph him with wedding ring and proposal note, and I hung a large print of it in the storefront window, along with the other photographs that are normally there.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, they took a walk, stopped at the window, and Elizabeth said yes. Congrats dudes!

Here’s the proposal photograph:

Man proposing to woman. Photo by Jim Newberry.
Lance proposes

And here is Lance with his fiancée, Elizabeth:

Photo by Jim Newberry.
Elizabeth Peirce and Lance Marshall in front of Jim Newberry’s photography studio

Alinea chef Grant Achatz in New Yorker: so 5 mins. ago!

I opened the new issue of the New Yorker to see a nice big photo of Grant Achatz, the chef at the very highly praised Chicago restaurant Alinea, igniting one of his signature dishes. Dudes, that’s so 5 minutes ago! I photographed the celebrated arsonist torching a pheasant breast on an oak branch for the Village Voice in 2005 (although they didn’t run the flaming pheasant photo–shown below–they ran a shot I took of the dish without Achatz). WHATEVS.

Kidding aside, the Achatz portrait in the New Yorker (not the one below) was taken by Ethan Levitas, whose work is really stellar. Also, in that same issue (May 12th, 2008) there’s also an illuminating article on the powerful and ubiquitous retoucher Pasal Dangin.

Alinea chef Grant Achatz

(Photograph by Jim Newberry)

Marcus East

I shot publicity photos for charismatic R&B artist Marcus East last week. There was some confusion with him finding my studio–who knew there were two “Western” stops on the CTA Blue Line? If you’re dropping by my studio, (and please do–just call first) and you’re taking the el, make sure to get off at the Western stop that’s between Damen and California. Unless you’re looking forward to a long, long walk.

One Blue Line, two Western stops

Here’s one of the shots from the session.

Marcus East, photographed by Jim Newberry