Happy Accident: Head Transplant on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard street photo by Jim Newberry.

I shot this picture on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame last week; shooting passersby reflected in a shop window. What at first seemed to be a pretty standard reflection turned out to be more interesting upon closer examination (I didn’t do any Photoshopping, other than basic brightness/contrast/color adjustments).

Here’s another shot, taken a few seconds before the above photo:

Hollywood Boulevard street photo by Jim Newberry.

Reader Photography Exhibition In Chicago

Chicago Reader cover, June 2015

I’m thrilled to be a part of a photo exhibition that opened last week at Roosevelt University’s Gage Gallery in Chicago. The show is called Chicago Reader in Black & White, and features photographs shot on black & white film for the Reader, by 15 different photographers. I have five prints in the exhibit, including the one above, Greetings From Uptown (shown here on the cover of this week’s Reader), and the one below, Uptown Girl. The show is up through August 28th.

Uptown, Chicago street photo by Jim Newberry.

You can see a handful of Reader photographers waxing poetically about shooting for the Reader in this video, part of the exhibit.


Batman impersonator on Hollywood Blvd. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Batman impersonator on Hollywood Blvd. Photo by Jim Newberry.

I was shooting street pictures on Hollywood Boulevard the other night, and saw a set of stairs near the Chinese Theatre that would be good for an aerial view of the tourists I was photographing. Sitting at the top of the stairs I found Batman*, on break, drinking coffee. We had a nice chat.

*I almost referred to him as a Batman impersonator, but then realized that would be redundant; even the great Adam West was an impersonator.