Chicagogo dance party righteousness

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a taping of the long-running and always fabulous public access TV show Chicagogo. As usual, the guests were top-notch, including entertainment industry greats Monotonix and Neil Hamburger. As I’m a big fan of both of those acts I was already pretty excited, but the thrills didn’t stop there; I had been enlisted by Internet revenge-rapper Rap Master Maurice to assume the identity of my freshly-minted alter ego DJ Oh Jeez. In the top Youtube vid below you can see me spinning the wheels of steel on RMM’s right, with Judas on cue cards standing to the hip-hopper’s left.

Below, from top to bottom: panoramic still of the taping, and performances from Rap Master Maurice, Monotonix, and Neil Hamburger respectively.

photo: Jim Newberry
photo: Jim Newberry




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