Denise Keim/Jim Newberry photo show this Saturday night


The enormously talented Denise Keim and I are teaming up this Saturday for a one night, two-stop photo show. I’ll be showing brand new work along with some old favorites, including stereo (3D) slides. Denise has a plethora of gorgeous black & white prints. I’ll be at my studio, and Denise will be at hers for the duration of the show (we’re hoping to have a video linkup). Look for the stream of indicator stop bath on the sidewalk between the two buildings. Please stop by both studios Saturday night if you’re in Chicago and free. Here are the addresses:

Denise Keim 2219 W. Belden Ave 773-294-7699 Chicago, IL 60647

Jim Newberry 2068 N. Leavitt St 312-485-1879 Chicago, IL 60647

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