2 thoughts on “Everything Is Terrible Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. G’day there Jim,

    I wanted to mention that this collection of photographs is a real triumph. Colours (sorry, Australian), costumes and location are a marriage made in Intergalatic Heaven.
    I had never heard of the Nimslo until today. So thank you.
    After reading about the camera on Wiki, finding a facebook page and checking prices on eBay, I am super keen to obtain one for myself.
    Do you have any obvious advice for a beginner.
    Ahhh, yes of course! I read that there are no known developers that use the specific equipment required to process the film. Is this true and if so, is it a question of scanning the film and processing it digitally oneself?
    Apologies for the barrage of questions, but this little beauty has got me rather enthused.
    Appreciate any feedback.
    Have a rippa one what ever you’re enduring and may the upcoming gigs provide great health, wealth and prosperity to you, your brethern and the many humans that eagerly await EIT’s trans-dimensional arrival.


    Ohanzee Molimo

    High Chancellor of Erebos Melaena

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    The Nimslo uses regular 35mm film; black and white or color negative, or slide film, which you can get developed normally. If you want 3d prints, that’s a little bit trickier, you need to find a place that makes lenticular prints. If you do a web search you can find them online. For these EIT pictures, I used regular color negative (“color print”), had it developed in the traditional way, and scanned the film at home. Then I made the gifs with Photoshop.

    I’ll have a tutorial for this at my new site, http://www.piccoach.com before long, stay tuned.

    Thanks for the kind words! You have a rippa one too!



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