Lighting and Portrait Workshops: June 2nd

Bastardgeist, photographed by Jim Newberry.
Two new workshops! You can view my portfolio here.

Jim Newberry Into to Lighting Workshop
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012  12PM – 2PM
Newberry Studio 2100 S. Marshall Blvd #704 Chicago, IL 60623 (map below)
$20 cheap! Sign up here.

In this hands on workshop I’ll give in-depth explanations and demonstrations of:

  • When not to light: how to recognize great available light and avoid ruining it
  • Speedlights: how to get great results with portable flash units used off-camera
  • Studio strobes: basics of pro strobes and light modifiers including Octabank, soft box, umbrella, beauty dish, and grid spot
  • DIY lighting: using hardware store and other inexpensive light sources to create unique, effective lighting

Class will split into pairs and photograph each other in the studio, using my equipment.

Prerequisite: you must bring a camera (preferably digital), either an SLR or a point and shoot that allows you to set f-stop and shutter speed manually (or if not full manual control, at least exposure compensation).

My studio is about 3 blocks from the CTA Pink Line California station.

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