Maurice Seymour publicity still

Found publicity still. Photo: Maurice Seymour
Found publicity still. Photo: Maurice Seymour

I love this portrait. I found it at Uncommon Objects in Austin, Texas. I’m very curious to know more about the woman pictured, but she’s not identified anywhere on the print. Seymour was a very prolific celebrity and entertainment photographer in Chicago, who died in 1993. More of his work can be seen here.

back of print
back of print

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  1. I have a glamour shot very much in the style of Maurice Seymour. It was probably taken in the late 1930s or in the 1940s. But it is just signed “Maurice, Chicago” in block letters. I’ve not been able to find a similar signature among the Maurice Seymour photos on the Web.

    I was wondering if you or one of your blog followers might be able to help me identify the photographer.

    By the way, according to, “Maurice Seymour was actually two brothers: Maurice (1900-93) and Seymour (1902-95) Zeldman. Born in Russia, the pair came to Chicago in 1920, and nine years later opened their own studio-Maurice Seymour-atop the St. Clair Hotel. Bestowing a dramatically highlighted glamour on the city, they photographed film, theatre, and radio stars, judges and politicians, and the international luminaries of ballet, beginning, in 1934, with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. When Seymour Zeldman moved to New York in the 1950s, both men legally changed their names to Maurice Seymour and continued to photograph into the 1970s.”

  2. My father, maurice Seymour, never used only his first name and sometimes changed his famous signature, as in the still above, from the right hand corner to the left.If you really want to see my fathers work which he seperated as his”Commercial” from “artistic” you would enjoy his books on ballet, seymour on ballet, and ballet portraits. thank you for honoring my dad .He was as great a father and man as he was a photographer.tatiana roveda

    1. My name is Serge Seymour and I am the oldest son of Maurice Seymour of Chicago, and my brother is Ron Seymour. We are both alive and well and both are photographers and both have collections of our Father’s work and Uncle (Seymour in New York) as well. If you have any questions one of us would be glad to answer them. Serge Seymour

      1. My dad( Richard Cabral) and uncle (James Cabral) were part of the band Jim Scott with the Crusaders. I know your father took their pictures of the band along with that of Richard Cabral. Wondering if you have run across any of these.? Stephanie

      2. Good morning, just found this when researching a photo my mother had. She worked for a local theater in the 1930’s and would send away for photos of stars. She has one photo with Maurice Seymour Chicago in the lower right corner signed Most Sincerely Bing Crosby in lower left. I surmise it is from the 30’s as photo is very young Crosby. I believe it is a publicity photo and the signature is mass produced at that time. Anything else you can share about the photos and era would be helpful. Thank you

      3. Hi Serge!
        I recently found some old publicity black and white photos with your father signature on the bottom. But I can’t identify the man in the photos. He looks to be a TV host or personality. Would you be able to identify him for me? My number is 323-836-3102 and my email is
        Thank you so much!

    2. Serge- I remember you and Your Mom and dad- Uncle Moise and Aunt Sonya.. We have quite the extrodainary family.. wishing all the best- sincerely, tatiana Seymour Roveda

  3. I’ve got a few stills photos of a burlesque dancer from the 1940’s. Taken by Maurice Seymour. They r awesome

    1. Thank you- he had an eye for bringing out the amazing, beauty in women..the lure of the unknown…the many beautiful sides of the old burlesque dancers.. where he always liked to leave a little something to the imagination. I am so glad to hear you enjoy and respect his work..sincerely, his daughter tatiana

  4. My grandparents were famous in chicago in the 1940s.
    “Dick Carlton and his Orchestra”
    I have their Maurice Seymour Headshots hanging on my wall…they are beautiful

  5. See Judson Rosebush Book Burlesque Queens and Belly Dancers of the 1950s and 1960s and you will find a large collection of dancers from this period. Also on the

  6. Interesting. I also found an old portrait by Maurice Seymour at a thrift store in Chicago a couple months ago. It’s a photo of a girl nobody can seem to identify for me, but not a ballet dancer. Maybe a theater or radio personality. And actually it’s not a glossy but printed on a cardboard looking material with a white matting. It’s framed in glass. (sorry for the lack of technical terms) The name “Maurice Seymour Chicago” appears on the outside matting not on the actual picture, which makes me think its probably really old, maybe 30s. I actually had a great time doing research on it which included visiting his son Jon’s gallery in Chicago, but he didn’t seem to know much about it either. I’d like to learn more about it as a proud Chicagoan and don’t really know who to go to for more information. Here’s a pic

    1. Serge- I remember you and Your Mom and dad- Uncle Moise and Aunt Sonya.. We have quite the extrodainary family.. wishing all the best- sincerely, tatiana Seymour Roveda

  7. I grew up and was a family friend of their family.
    My father and Maurice were good friends way after his Chicago days, his divorce, and his remarriage.

    i MISS HIM SO MUCH, and regret not spending more time with him…

    we lost touch…

  8. My uncle Art Craig Mathues starred in Ziegfield follies Broadway New York. Ww have a beautiful black and white head shot of him signed in the left hand corner MAURICE SEYMOUR BELOW IN WHITE SCRIPT ID CUICCULIO THE YEAR WAS 1939

    1. Donnapunj- I am so glad you have that photo..and having NY as a base for our education.. was incredible. Ty for your respect and beautiful comments regarding MY fathers work. He would be very honored and as he did enjoy getting to know and talk with all his clients, remember your Uncle . Sincerely Tatiana Seymour

  9. my wife found a pic of a guy with derby hat bow tie gray suit jacket standing in front of old NBC mic. It is a 8×10 glossy print. left lower corner is signed Maurice Seymour. under that sig there is a smaller word the as close as i can tell is lull abo. THIS guy must have been on the raido back in the day. any one have any idea who it might be. can scan and send to some one to look at . thanks rodger

  10. I have a Maurice Seymour photo of the Ace Brigode Band, taken around 1940. Unfortunately, a 2 x 2 square was cut out in the lower left corner. It contained the band’s pianist. My father, tenor and bass player, is pictured in the lower right corner. I wish I could see an intact picture.

  11. I have a head shot photo taken by Maurice Seymour, the peerson is “Dick Noll” Decca. It is signed to my Mother who worked at Chicago Steak Hous ein chicago. Is there nay value?

  12. My family has a few photographs of my great grandma whose stage name was Shannon Day. I believe its from the 1930’s. She and my great grandfather had a radio show called Breakfast with the O’Neill’s. The photograph is signed Maurice Seymour Chicago. My great grandma, we called her GG passed away in 2001 and Great Grandfather (Papa)Danny O’Neill passed away shortly after, they had been divorced for quite sometime but I am interested in finding out more of the pair. Papa Danny has been linked to Chicago and New York. My uncle has many of Papa Danny’s albums. I’d love to find out more about them! Thanks!

  13. In 1972, i did a siting for Mr. Maurice Seymour , i do not recall how this photo shot came about, i was 20 years old at the time,now i am almost 62 now ,somewhere in the late 70’s i lost my portfolio and the contact prints of the photo shot, which was done in his New York studio, i have often wondered what ever if the photos are still around, at the time i,a young Afro American with a shaved head ,with a patch of hair in the back of my head , about five or six earrings in both ears,two rings in my nose ,some face painted decoration, being a musician in New York at that time i believe that my harmonica belt was also a prop in the photos, it would really be great if someone could please help me locate those images of that time in my life ,and if so Thank you,i live in North Carolina and from time to time i travel to New York, my phone number is 336-965-4258

  14. There is a photo portrait of Leo Podolsky, signed “Maurice, Chicago”, taken before 1945. Could it be shot by Maurice Seymour?

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