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Monks–The Transatlantic Feedback,” will be showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center from Friday until Tuesday (12/26 to 12/30). Thirty years before alternative became a retarded marketing buzzword; decades before mopey indie rock became the anthem of Jetta commercials;  years ahead of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols and Sonic Youth;  there was the Monks: a gang of American GIs who shaved their heads like monks and devised their own abrasive, rhythmic, anti-pop sound, making ingenious use of banjo, electric organ, and unhinged vocals with lyrics like:

Well I hate you baby with a passion, yeah, you know I do
(But call me!)
Oh, you know my hate’s everlasting baby yeah, yeah, yeah
(But call me!)

Here’s a picture of front-Monk Gary Burger performing with the Goblins (yes, that masked longhair is none other than The Phantom Creeper) in 2006.

Gary Burger of the Monks performing with the Goblins
Gary Burger of the Monks performing with the Goblins (The Phantom Creeper in background)

Update: Do you know what GI stands for–as in GI Joe? Galvanized iron, according to many Internet sources. Anyone out there have a real source for that?

4 thoughts on “Monks documentary

  1. GI = government issue

    As in, government-issued boots, helmet, etc. to the soldiers.

    Could I get some corroboration on this, anyone?

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  3. yeah, and “jeep” is short for GP, as in, general purpose vehicle, but what’s humvee mean? Human vehicle?

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