In October, I become a professional hobo

Sky and clouds in late afternoon sun, as seen from airplane. Photo by Jim Newberry.
I’ve lived in Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world, for almost five decades. But now I’ve decided to divest myself of most of my worldly possessions, leave town with only as much as I can carry, and travel abroad for an indeterminate length of time. Inspired by people like Matt, Jodi, Rolf, and Erin & Simon, I’ll be embarking on a serendipitous journey for a couple months, or maybe a year or more.

I’ll be a slow-traveling, nomadic minimalist doing location-independent work (photography, videography, web design), which is a verbose and pretentious way of saying I’ll be a hobo. I’m starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a destination that by all accounts is fabulous: culturally-rich, inexpensive, with reliable Internet access (gotta have it to work), friendly people, and spectacular food. From there maybe more travel around Asia, Australia, New Zealand…who knows. I’ll be regularly posting updates and photos at another, soon-to-be-launched travel blog.

Note to clients: I’ll have access to my digital archives while abroad, and will be easy to reach via email. So if you need images from a previous shoot, just holler. And I’ll be available for photo and video assignments if you need something shot in Thailand, or elsewhere on the planet.

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