Sly Stone: digging deep in the archives

Sly Stone

Way back in 1982, fresh out of high school, I brought my Nikkormat to suburban Chicago bar Haymakers to see the brilliant soul/funk/psychedelic hitmaker, Sly Stone. Notorious for not showing up to gigs, fortunately he made it to the show that night, and I shot a couple rolls of Kodacolor, beginning my music photography career. He’ll be back in Chicago next month.

Here’s my most recent live music shot; Monotonix at the Empty Bottle, 3/28/08. Haggai Fershtman pictured.


3 thoughts on “Sly Stone: digging deep in the archives

  1. This is right before he was busted for drugs. His band was called the one eyed jacks after it went from Sly and the family stone to Sly and the new family stone then appeared on Johnny Carson as The one eyed jacks. Sly was then sent to prison and his former band searched for a new lead singer and after several attempts ended up with Lindy D Luebeck, former front for the original Street Angel band that played for President Reagan and the ’84 olympic fund raiser in Park City Utah with Steve Mizerak, The Osmonds, Peter Paul and Mary and many others. During my time touring with the one eyed jacks we used the same Hammond B3 Organ. a sound like no other.

  2. Ha ha… I was just online around and took a glimpse at these comments. I can’t believe that there’s still this much attention. Thanks for posting about this.

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