Superwoman, Superman spotted in Chicago

Superwoman and Superman in Chicago
Photo: Jim Newberry

A couple months ago I had the great pleasure of bumping into Superwoman and Superman, on Damen Avenue in Chicago. Seeing as it was nowhere near Halloween, I wondered WTF.

Me: If you don’t mind my asking, what are you guys up to?
Superman: Fighting crime and keeping the streets clean.

I guess that was a pretty dumb question…

Superwoman and Superman in Chicago
Photo: Jim Newberry

12 thoughts on “Superwoman, Superman spotted in Chicago

  1. If you ever see them again please ask them where they got those fantastic costumes THERE AMAZING!!!!!!! Or if you know already please let me know by responding to my e-mail address. Take it easy old chum.

  2. These two heroic…Superman’s, saved me from a pack of miscreants a few weeks ago. I dont know what I would have done with out my purse. I just wanted to say “Thank you Supermans”, from a fellow citizen.

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