Ich bin ein Krapfen in Berlin

I spent much of Thursday, my first day in Berlin, walking around chilly Friedrichshain in the rain. I took a few shots, but nothing to write home about. Yesterday, however, was a glorious day–cool and crisp with beautiful fall light. I went for a long walk from my hotel in Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, the district just southwest. Here are some pictures (and by the way, as you probably know, JFK didn’t really call himself a jelly doughnut when giving a speech to West Berliners in 1963).

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Shop window in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Photo: Jim Newberry

Friedrichshain, Berlin facade. Photo: Jim Newberry

Sushi Guerilla. Photo: Jim Newberry

Photo: Jim Newberry

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By the time I get to Berlin…

…I’ll be hurlin’? Twirlin’? Unfurlin’? Girlin’? Could someone consult with Jimmy Webb and get back to me?

I just landed in Dublin for a stopover on my way to Berlin, for a long overdue vacation. Now where are the Shamrock Shakes? Here’s a picture I shot just before landing at dawn:

About to land at Dublin Airport. Photo: Jim Newberry.
About to land at Dublin Airport. Photo: Jim Newberry.

Stay tuned–I plan to post pictures here regularly while “I’m abroad.”