Laura Ann Masura, Motorhome, and Billy Corgan

UPDATE: Laura Ann makes and sells jam. She was on a fruit gathering trip when she had the motorcycle accident. Also, Syd Straw’s now on the bill.

The Backwards Clock Society (featuring Billy Corgan, former Electric Prune Mark Tulin, and Kerry Brown) will headline a benefit for Laura Ann Masura who was unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident last month resulting in multiple injuries. The November 8th show takes place at the Echoplex in LA. Sharing the bill with the BCS will be Happy Stars, The Pulsars, Tim Rutili (of Red Red Meat and Califone), Pity Party, and Light FM. Masura used to play in the band Motorhome, along with Josiah Mazzaschi (now fronting Light FM) and Kristen Thiele; I shot the band back in 1995 for the Reader—see below (Masura’s in the dress). You can purchase tickets for the benefit here.

Proof sheet scan of Motorhome portraits
Motorhome in 1995. (Proof sheet scan)