Fletcher Weatherspoon Reader back cover

Fletcher Weatherspoon Reader B Side cover. Photo by Jim Newberry.

I’ve got the back cover photo in the Reader this week, for another fascinating article by the irrepressible Jake Austen. Who are the: “…Green Donkeys, the Gents Optimistic, the Foxy Mannequins, Les Sophisticates Modernistics, the Fraters of Eureka, the Sapphire Ladies, the Silent Twelve, the Dress Horsemen, the Monarch-etts, and the Space Queens?” Which Chicagoland venue is probably the only one “…to have hosted both a Sinatra concert and a Black Panther rally?” Read the enlightening article to find out. And check out Jake’s playlist to go with the article, and video clip of Mr. Lee’s recent Chic-a-go-go appearance.