How to display Polaroid prints


Recently I was looking for a way to display a few of the gazillion Polaroid prints I’ve amassed over the years. A Web search turned up a few good ideas (if you’ve ever wondered what the phrase “barrel distortion” refers to, click on that last link), but none of them quite did it for me, so I came up with the following, which works well:

  1. Get a piece of 1×2 inch pine, or simple rectangular moulding, at whatever length you want. You could cut short pieces that will hold one or two prints, or get a 12 footer to hang on the wall and hold quite a few.
  2. If you like, sand and paint the wood.
  3. Affix mounting strips to the 1×2 (I used Lineco See-Thru Archival Mounting Strips). Apply them with the adhesive strip flush to the bottom of the wood, and the clear protruding part on top. Butt the strips against each other so there’s no gap between them; that way you’ll be able to arrange the prints anywhere you want them.
  4. Cover the ugly off-white part of the strips with one long piece of ribbon. I painted the wood black and used black ribbon, simply stapling the ribbon to each end of the wood. You could also use thumbtacks or glue to attach the ribbon.
  5. You can mount this to a wall, or place on a table or mantle.