Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements: this weekend!

Ariele Ebacher photographed by Jim Newberry
Ariele Ebacher
Amanda Crockett photographed by Jim Newberry
Amanda Crockett
Ambidextrous, photographed by Jim Newberry
Zoppé Circus photographed in 2008 by Jim Newberry
Zoppé Circus (photographed in 2008)
Mike Reed, the man behind the curtain.
Mike Reed, the man behind the curtain.

Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements happens this weekend at Eckhart Park, and from all indications it promises to be fooking righteous. Here you can read about the multitude of attractions available to all comers.

The amazing women featured in the top three photos will perform at the show with El Circo Cheapo Cabaret. I shot those portraits recently for a project I’m working on involving acrobats, aerialist, and other circus artists. Also appearing this weekend will be the incredible Zoppé Circus. The suave dude in the bottom picture waiting for a drink is composer, drummer, and culture kingpin Mike Reed, who created BCPA. You might remember him from this post or if not that one, maybe it was this one.

(All photos by Jim Newberry.)