Frank Ockenfels 3 Workshop: Cult of the Silver Card

I had an incredibly inspiring workshop last week with the fabulously gifted and imaginative photographer Frank Ockenfels 3. Ockenfels bestowed each of us with a 2′ square silver card and sent us to Home Depot to scrounge together whatever hardware light sources we found interesting. I’m not at liberty to discuss the remaining depraved, bizarre rituals that he inflicted upon us, but l can say that our mantra was “less light” and that the mystical and enigmatic “starting a conversation” incantation was used liberally. All of us attendees got along swimmingly and had a great time over the 3 and a half day class. In the evenings we watched fascinating presentations with great photographers including Douglas Kirkland, Jock Sturges, Ockenfels, Joel Meyerowitz, Kenro Izu, and Ed Kashi. Really illuminating and energizing.

Here are a few photos I shot at the workshop.