Polaroid Type 55 is back! (update: NOT)

The Impossible Project is releasing its version of the beloved Polaroid Type 55 film.

Thanks to Zane Davis for pointing out that Polaroid Type 55 is not in fact “back” as I hastily and incorrectly posted. The Impossible Project has created new instant films, but the Type 55 that they’re selling–for $223.00–is the original Polaroid film leftover from when it was still available. Keep those comments coming in! Zane, the head of the fact-checking department at Picturedujour has “resigned” to “spend more time with his family.”

New “Polaroid” film from the Impossible Project

Photo courtesy and © The Impossible Project

New Instant films from the Impossible Project were introduced today, and will be available for purchase Thursday, March 25th. From their press release:

Concept:Impossible‘s new PX Instant Films are dedicated to all the people who feel a similar passion for the magic of analog Instant Photography as we do. Carefully manufactured to slowly develop in the palm of the hand, PX Silver Shade Films are monochrome Instant Films that are designed for usage with traditional Polaroid cameras.

This brandnew Instant Film material subtly combines all the important characteristics of the traditional analog Instant Film (appearance, format, temperature sensitivity, manipulability) with the unique, new appearance of silver based, monochrome shades.

Supported by Ilford Photo, UK (Harman Technology Limited), The Impossible Project is excited to present this new artistic material, which produces originals of outstanding, unique and never before seen characteristics, pushing analog Instant Photography beyond all traditional limits.

Availability: PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade Films will be available online at www.the-impossible-project.com in a limited, First Flush Edition from Thursday, March 25th onwards, and shortly thereafter at selected premium retail partners all over the world.

In summer 2010, Impossible plans to present its first PX Color Film. In total, Impossible aims to present 6 new Instant film formats throughout of 2010: in addition to the PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade, two PX Color Films (100 and 600 ASA) as well as a Silver Shade and a Color Version of the larger Integral Instant film format for usage in all Polaroid Image/Spectra/1200 cameras are planned.