Camera phone pictures part two: Fullerton Avenue

No Cruising Zone 9PM-9PM

I found this sign on Fullerton Avenue (in Logan Square, Chicago, not far from where I live). I’m really stumped here–why 9PM to 9PM? WTF does that mean? Does it mean cruising is allowed, as long as it’s not 9PM? Does it mean don’t cruise between 9PM and 9PM, ie, no cruising 24 hours a day? If that’s the case, then why not just say, “no cruising zone” period? If you have any thoughts, please post them in the comments–I’d love to hear from you.

Fullerton Avenue, Chicago cornerstone

This is just down the block from the “no cruising zone” sign above–another Logan Square curiosity. I Googled this slogan, including the year, and found this page from the book The New Constitutions of Europe, which you can download in its entirety, if you’re so inclined. According to Title II, Article 6, of the Belgian Constitution:

There shall be no distinction of classes in the state. All Belgians are equal before the law; they alone are admissible to civil and military offices, with such exceptions as may be established by law for particular cases.

Good to know. Why do I suddenly crave waffles?

camera phone pictures

I shot these with my camera phone last Sunday–a gorgeous spring day– in Humboldt Park while waiting for my turn at the plate during a Wiffleball game. I reduced the size but otherwise they are untouched–no color, brightness or other adjustments. I like the exaggerated, unnatural colors. This reminds me a bit of shooting with a toy camera. I guess it is a toy camera, come to think of it.

(photos by Jim Newberry)