Jon Langford video: Drone Operator

A video for Jon Langford & Skull Orchard’s powerful song Drone Operator was recently released, which I helped shoot (hint: I didn’t film the military/drone shots). Here’s a Langford interview from a couple days ago in Vice, where Jon talks about the song, the Mekons, aboriginal music, how he came to make an album against the death penalty, and more.



This is the second Langford music video I’ve been lucky to be involved in; I also shot this one.

Jon Langford video

I recently visited Jon Langford at his art studio and filmed a performance of Strange Ways to Win Wars, a track from his new Bloodshot record, Old Devils. His talented accomplices here are Jim Elkington and Tawny Newsome. Thanks to Nancy Bardawil and Aadam Jacobs on camera and audio, respectively. If any music journalists are reading this, 1) god help you, and 2) if you ever interview Langford, you can be the first to ask: “Why are you such a fat Welsh bastard?”