Aiding and abetting a marriage proposal

What role did my storefront windows have in the engagement of Elizabeth Peirce and Lance Marshall? Funny you’d ask that. Lance and Elizabeth live in my neighborhood, where they often take walks–their route going right past my studio storefront, where they’ve been known to stop and look at the photographs I have displayed there. So Lance asked me to photograph him with wedding ring and proposal note, and I hung a large print of it in the storefront window, along with the other photographs that are normally there.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, they took a walk, stopped at the window, and Elizabeth said yes. Congrats dudes!

Here’s the proposal photograph:

Man proposing to woman. Photo by Jim Newberry.
Lance proposes

And here is Lance with his fiancée, Elizabeth:

Photo by Jim Newberry.
Elizabeth Peirce and Lance Marshall in front of Jim Newberry’s photography studio