Art shows: Drag City, Erdman, Hernandez De Luna

Drag City presents “Chances Are the Comets in Our Future: A Visual Introduction to Drag City” at Gallery 400 through October 4th. I haven’t been over there yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m representin’, along with some greats:

On display will be covers, artworks and more from groups such as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, The Red Krayola, Royal Trux, Gastr del Sol, Neil Hamburger, Pavement, Weird War and USA; with designs by Art and Language, David Berman, Barbara Bloom, Gene Booth, Bill Callahan, Brian Calvin, Neil Michael Haggerty, Stephen Prina, Albert Oehlen, Savage Pencil, Roman Signer, Mick Turner, Christopher Williams and more.

Carl Hammer Gallery will be exhibiting work by legendary stamp artist Michael Hernandez De Luna; artist’s reception and book release this Friday, September 5th, from 5:30-8:00 PM. Here’s a portrait of Michael with another illustrious Chicago artist who makes lickable art:

Michael Hernandez De Luna and Cynthia Plastercaster. Photo: Jim Newberry

For you Seattleites, be sure not to miss “My Mother’s Troubles With Drugs: Paintings by Derek Erdman” at The Anne Bonny. The artist (and my future stepson) Derek Erdman will be at the opening closing reception, which is this Friday, September 5th Thursday, October 2nd, from 4-8 PM. (and/or he’ll be at closing reception–I’ll get back to you on that…)

Painting by Derek Erdman