New Moon on the Lagoon: slideshow

Last week the magicians at Opera-Matic created another enchanting spectacle, this time in beautiful Humboldt Park. From the horse’s mouth:

Join Opera-Matic and the community for an evening of musical migration as we celebrate Humboldt Park in spring, a place we all come to find our way. Humboldt Park’s namesake, Alexander Von Humboldt, was a naturalist, a geographer, and an explorer. This community spectacle uses the inspiration of Von Humboldt to present the natural areas of Humboldt Park’s lagoon and the theme of altered migration through creative geography and public participation.

Bring your friends, your family, and your flashlights for this special Humboldt Park lagoon twilight get-together. The paths around the Humboldt Park lagoon have been activated with unique beacons of lost light. Come whale watch a whale who can’t move from its spot, track a lost moon who can’t stay awake, and blink your own S.O.S. to a zeppelin pilot stranded without flight. The Lullaby Parade, guided by lull-a-bikes and a flashlight flag corps, tour the lagoon’s lost light spots, and find community in the process. Come be part of our joyful night time parade, powered by people and song.