Available Light Photo Workshop: April 29th

Jim Newberry Available Light Portrait Workshop
Sunday, April 29th, 2012 2:30 – 5:30PM
Kimball Arts Center 1757 N Kimball Ave Chicago, IL 60647 (map below)
Sign up here. $20 (introductory discount course fee)

This workshop will explore the process of making compelling, creative portraits, with an emphasis on existing light portraiture (the portraits above were all shot with existing light only). Techniques discussed include:

  • how to find great light in everyday places (it’s often not where you would expect it)
  • how to take control of your camera’s exposure to bring out the best qualities of ambient light
  • how to enhance and control the light, using both household objects (paper, walls, tables, curtains) as well as photography tools (diffusers, reflectors, umbrellas, cuculoris’s, etc).
  • how to get past the “picture face” and awkwardness to capture natural, expressive portraits

The class will begin with a friendly critique: participants are asked to bring a few portraits they’ve shot, and we’ll talk about those as well as a few portraits of mine. Next I’ll demonstrate various tools and techniques for controlling light and exposure, as well as tips on how to interact with your subject.

For the second half, the class will split into pairs and take turns photographing each other in different areas of the space. Reflectors, diffusers, stands, etc will be available.

This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of previous photography experience.You’ll need to bring a camera (SLR or point-and-shoot), preferably digital. It doesn’t have to be a high end camera, but this class will be a lot more worthwhile if you bring one that will allow you to control exposure; either manually, or with aperture priority mode and exposure compensation. Email me if you have questions.

Space is limited, so get with it. You can see more of my photography here. More workshops coming soon!

Portraiture crash course: January 15th

Jim Newberry Portraiture Workshop
I’m teaching a photography portrait workshop on Saturday, January 15th, from 12-4. This is the first of what I hope will be many more photography classes. You can sign up here. The introductory price for the first workshop is a mere $20. Here’s what’s planned for the 15th:

Each student will bring 5 portraits they’ve shot, and we’ll have a friendly critique. Then a crash course, with introductions to:

  • lighting: studio lighting, available light, and hardware store lighting (flashlights, led lights, fluorescents, etc)
  • using your camera’s manual settings to control exposure and depth of field
  • interacting with your subject to make expressive, natural, captivating portraits
  • environmental portraiture

After the crash course,  students will shoot portraits in and around my studio. I’ll spend time with each student (answering questions, offering guidance) as they photograph. There will be an optional critique at the end of the class: anyone who wants to bring  a laptop and do a quick (15 minute) edit of the shots they make that day can have them critiqued.

This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of previous photography experience. There is one prerequisite though: you must bring a digital camera (DSLR or point and shoot) that allows you to set aperture and shutter speed manually. (Email me if you have questions about this.)

You can see my photographs here, and resume here.

Portrait workshop with Jim Newberry
Saturday, January 15th, noon to 4PM
2100 S Marshall Blvd Ste 704 Chicago, IL 60623 (free parking next to building; 2 blocks from California pink line CTA station)
$20 (introductory discount course fee)
Sign up here. Space is limited, so get with it.

Coming soon: one-on-one photo tutoring.