Last day in Chicago

Photo of Jim Newberry with backpack.

My awesome mom shot the picture above a bit over a week ago, in her driveway on my last day (for awhile) in Chicago. That backpack (I’ve since learned to tuck in that dangling strap by the way) and shoulder bag contain everything I’m taking with me on my nomadic, minimalist, serendipitous trip of undetermined duration; I’ve divested myself of most of my worldly possessions.

Jim Newberry self portrait with his mother, Anne.

NASA image of the day

From the Nasa “Image of the Day” site

Self-portrait by Michael Fincke. Photo courtesy of NASA
Self-portrait by Michael Fincke. Photo courtesy of NASA

Expedition 18 commander Michael Fincke prepared to take a picture of his helmet visor with a digital camera during a Dec. 23, 2008, spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

Fincke, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, previously served as ISS flight engineer and NASA Space Station science officer on Expedition 9 in 2004. During Fincke’s first stay at the International Space Station, he performed four spacewalks.