By the time I get to Berlin…

…I’ll be hurlin’? Twirlin’? Unfurlin’? Girlin’? Could someone consult with Jimmy Webb and get back to me?

I just landed in Dublin for a stopover on my way to Berlin, for a long overdue vacation. Now where are the Shamrock Shakes? Here’s a picture I shot just before landing at dawn:

About to land at Dublin Airport. Photo: Jim Newberry.
About to land at Dublin Airport. Photo: Jim Newberry.

Stay tuned–I plan to post pictures here regularly while “I’m abroad.”

Snapshots of Venice, California

I have some touristy photographs from a trip I took last month to Los Angeles. For my fellow Chicagoans, enjoy the weather porn!

360 degree view of the Venice Beach boardwalk. Hey, in the light gray sweatshirt–is that Chicago-expat-current-Venice-resident Hayley Murphy? Hard to tell from this far away…

By rope, this badass drags his baby grand piano to the boardwalk every day.

I hadn’t been to the Venice Canals before; a very lovely site for a nocturnal stroll. For you “hate America first” folks, just try finding something like this in a foreign country. Why don’t you try the “Old Europe?” I didn’t think so. (Photos by Jim Newberry)