In Chicago we’re partying like it’s 1993

Chicago music fans: remember the early nineties, when music industry douches decided Wicker Park was “one of the more buzz-oriented cities,” and Billboard magazine published a map of the neighborhood on their cover, dubbing it “Cutting Edge’s New Capital?” When Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville and Urge Overkill’s Saturation were released? When Sub Pop put out Red Red Meat’s second album, Jimmywine Majestic? In a 1994 NYT article on the indie rock “alternative” rock mecca that was said to be Wicker Park, Red Red Meat’s Tim Rutili succinctly put things in perspective:

“Everybody is worried about Wicker Park being made out to be some kind of Disneyland, when it’s just a dumb neighborhood with a lot of bad artists.”

Mr. Rutili said: “This is not Paris in the 20’s. It’s really not.”

I can’t remember, did Steve Albini have an opinion on any of this?

Anyhow, for you young kids that missed 1993 the first time, it’s back! You had your chance to see Phair perform the entire Exile album live in Chicago last week; this Thursday Red Red Meat is reuniting (!!) at The Hideout; and Saturday, Urge Overkill has a gig at the Bottom Lounge.

In this post I reminisced about the first concert I shot–a Sly Stone show. My first record cover was UO’s Lineman single, their first release on Touch and Go.

Urge Overkill Lineman single

Here’s a snapshot of a chrome I shot of Red Red Meat in 1996.

Red Red Meat

Here’s a publicity shot I took of Ms. Phair, made while she was recording Whitechocolatespaceegg:

Liz Phair

I sure miss the Busy Bee!